Different seas have different sea breezes, which always make people relaxed. That’s the miracle part of sound.

About Me

Sound design has always been my major focusing point. I keep reminding myself that George Lucas said, “Sound is 50 percent of the movie-going experience”. And Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”

I am a person who can work alone or participate in a team. I can communicate with my group mates with a positive attitude, and express my ideas in a kind and constructive manner. I’ve collaborated with some people who felt they were so good at doing something but they weren’t. They were just arrogant and rude. Eventually, they were doing nothing and messed up the project. Other people had a natural gift but they kept a low profile and were too polite. I worked with them and felt really good and the results were beautiful. So, I remind myself to be polite to everyone, but also be confident with my skills. That is the key point to having a good relationship with the whole group.

My preferred field of work would be in the film/movie industry of post- production, like sound design/editing, and my final goal is to be a re-recording mixer. This is also relevant in the music industry as well. The courses that I’ve learned in the university would provide me to connect to the sound industry. I will be able to combine my background knowledge of short films, producing music and sound designing with the knowledge and experience to further contribute to the industry.

It’s all about appreciation. Appreciating for everything that I’ve met and learned. Sometimes the negative energy just needs somewhat positive energy to melt it. I love nature. I love traveling. The world is big, human beings are small. We see through things in various ways. Hold any hope even it’s tiny, and never give up. Time flies, we don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Life is amazing.


Nomination, The National Media Competition
Honorable Mention, The National Micro-film Competition
Certificate of Appreciation of Video Production
Avid Pro Tools
Was elected for Director of Activity Department
Leadership Research and Study
Nomination, The National Media Competition
Honorable Mention, MDU Movie Festival
Honorable Mention, MDU Economic of Christmas Installation Art